About Us

As an owner run business, there is nothing more important to us than our Customers’ satisfaction.

Small and medium size businesses have many of the same technology needs as a large corporation, but may not need full-time, on-site IT support staff. We can provide you the solutions that you need for YOUR business.

Outsourcing can save you money, increase your security and reduce your workload. Why not use a LOCAL service that cares about your success?

We understand business objectives and are firmly committed to helping our clients accomplish their business goals while providing the right balance of services and cost.
We provide a broad range of IT management services, application services, preventative maintenance plans, systems integration and consulting services, as well as the procurement and management of hardware and software.

Our solutions help you to gain maximum value from information technology. We provide the support that you need at all stages of your company’s growth. When you are small, we can be your IT department. Later we can help your IT department either as an extra pair of hands, or to manage new projects to help take you to the next level.

Service Tech Solutions has a great team of skilled professionals and partners to meet every need.

You have a business and it is NOT computers or technology. Yet everyday you and your employees invest time on your computers and other office technology and remote systems. Let us solve your technology questions while you focus on your business.¬†We know how to make your systems work properly. Systems that work together will increase everyone’s efficiency and comfort level… but that is only part of the solution. Business processes are invariably tied to your information systems. We have experience streamlining IT systems to match your business